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Warrior Custom Golf Irons: Warrior Custom Golf Irons Warrior Custom Golf irons are the easiest irons you will ever hit!.

Warrior Custom Golf's Deep Cavity - Wide Sole Technology is the key. By moving mass out from the center of the Warrior Custom Golf club to balanced spots around the perimeter, we expanded the sweet spot and lowered the center of gravity. So while the sweet spot in most golf irons is somewhere in the center, Warrior Custom Golf irons feel just as solid no matter where you hit the Warrior Custom Golf ball. The Warrior Custom Golf irons are all sweet spot! They are the most forgiving clubs you will ever hit.

And to maximize your accuracy, distance and control, every Warrior Custom Golf Iron is custom made to your exact specifications.

Warrior Custom Golf offers several models of golf irons.

1. The Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk plus irons feature the Extreme Slot-line Weighting system highlighted by a hollow cavity in the back of the iron club head. This provides a more efficient striking area for the Warrior Custom golf iron.

2. The Warrior Custom Golf TCP irons feature Total Control Precision technology. This technology moves mass to well balanced spots on the club face to expand the sweet spot. This makes the Warrior Custom Golf TCP irons the most forgiving irons on the market.

3. The Warrior Custom GolfEXT irons feature Extreme Weighting Technology. This technology maximizes the center of gravity on the club head for greater accuracy and distance.

4. The Warrior Custom Golf Catapult irons feature Progressive Face Thickness technology. This technology maximizes the coefficient of restitution for greater distance.

The Warrior Custom Golf ironscome 3 - pitching wedge set. Give them a shot!  Test-play a set of your favorite Warrior Custom Golf irons and see how versatile they are on one of the Warrior Custom golf course.

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Head: Deep Cavity - Wide Sole 17 - 4 Stainless Steel
Shapfts Stepless Steel or High Performance Graphite - All Flexes
Grip: Custom Fit
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#4 23o 57.5o
#5 26o 58o
#6 29o 59o
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#8 37o 61o
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